Sunday, January 11, 2009

NFL Playoff Picks - Week 2

Last Week: 1-3

I only picked one game correctly last week, so I’m just positive that I’ll get it right this time. And by the way, if any of you turn to these picks for help with your bets or wagers, I am extremely sorry about the foreclosure of your home and liquidating of your assets. If it’s any consolation, I appreciate your loyal support, and that’s worth more than any roof over your head. Trust me.


BAL 20 TEN 14 – The Ravens defense is very, very good. I know this statement is a shock to no one, but I held out my acceptance of it for a long time because I hate the Ravens. However, I see them winning this one. If I had to bet my life on one quarterback – rookie Joe Flacco or journeyman Kerry Collins – I think I would have to pick Flacco, which makes Baltimore my choice. But let’s hope that scenario doesn’t play out in real life.

CAR 27 ARI 17 – The Cardinals need to lose. I don’t like it when teams that are usually as atrocious as the Bengals succeed. I’m not a very caring person. If the Bengals suck, I want everyone else to suck too. And if the Bengals are good (stop laughing), I still want everyone else to suck. Sure, that may be selfish, but it’s honest, and honest trumps selfish every time.

NYG 24 PHI 21 – Despite the fact that I picked the Vikings to beat the Eagles last week, I wasn’t surprised the Eagles moved on. They have more experience in the playoffs than the Vikings, and I truly believe that helped them in their victory. However, that shouldn’t be enough to get them past a strong, mature team like the Giants. The two coaches are a perfect example of why New York is the better and more prepared team, and should in turn pull this one out; week after week, Tom Coughlin constantly has a ticked off look on his face, while Andy Reid just has a confused, blank stare. I’ll take ticked off over confused and blank any day (which is why I’ll always take Bruce Willis over Keanu Reeves for an action movie). Therefore, I’m going with the Giants.

PIT 17 SD 13 – Ashlee Simpson makes horrible music. It’s awful. This doesn’t mean she is a bad person, because she may be a stand-up gal, but her music is atrocious. Now, if Ashlee’s next two or three albums are fantastic, insightful, and respectable pieces of music, wouldn’t it totally freak you out? Of course it would. It would have to. People would start going insane and losing their minds. Well, the Chargers were crappy for the first three-fourths of this season, and all of the sudden they are destroying everything in their path. So guess what? IT’S REALLY STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT!!! For the mental safety of this country, the Chargers need to get back to their true form.

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