Thursday, October 9, 2008

NFL Week 6 Picks

I figured I'd start sharing my thoughts on the weekly NFL games. However, I would not exactly consider myself an expert, so don't take these picks to Vegas with you. You've been warned.

Let's get to it.

ATL 24 CHI 16 – Kyle Orton has to start sucking at some point. Plus, Michael Turner has morphed into some kind of “Jim Brown/Walter Payton” hybrid, and may run for like 367 yards. I’ll take the ATL.

CAR 23 TB 18 – Deangelo Williams came out of no-where to rush for 100+ yds with 3 TD’s last week. Add that to the fact that Jeff Garcia is filling in at QB for the Bucs, and I’ll take Carolina on the road. I have a hard time backing a QB that I’m like half a foot taller than.

WAS 31 STL 9 – The ‘Skins are quickly becoming the leagues most dangerous team, while the Rams are trying to nab that #1 draft pick away from the Lions. Washington wins big.

NYJ 28 CIN 20(Justin’s sensible choice): Palmer might not go for Cincy, and Chris Perry is still their starting running back. It’s hard to pick an upset with those conditions. (Justin’s “the fan” choice): WHO-DEY!!! HOW MANY PICKS DO YOU WANT TO THROW THIS WEEK BRETT “THE WAFFLER” FAVRE??? PREPARED TO GET DESTROYED!!! (If only, if only)

IND 23 BAL 17 – How shocking is it that NY Giants fans may feel better about their QB situation than Colts fans right now? It’s like Bizzaro World. I think Peyton will start to right the ship this week.

MIN 23 DET 10 – I have this theory that the now “Millen-less” Lions will lose every game this season, secure the first pick in the draft…and select a wide receiver, just to see if all their fans’ heads will explode.

NO 28 OAK 12 – Reggie Bush returns 3 punts for TD’s, and Al Davis fires the interim head coach after the Raiders lose.

MIA 20 HOU 17 – The Dolphins are starting to look like a decent football team, even though running back Ronnie Brown plays QB and QB Chad Pennington plays receiver. I want to see Chad start running some real routes though. Trust me, at some point this season, Pennington will channel his inner “Forrest Gump” and start blowing past opposing secondaries with his scorching speed. Remember, you heard it here first.

DEN 27 JAC 18 – Denver can’t stop anybody on D, but the Jags can’t seem to score. I’ll take the Broncs. Also, how cool would it be Denver wide-out Eddie Royal had been given the first name Crown instead of Eddie.

DAL 31 ARI 26 – I heard much maligned Dallas cornerback Pac-Man Jones got into a fight with his body guard this week. That’s right, a fight WITH his body guard. The irony is overwhelming, but I’ll still take the ‘Boys.

SEA 23 GB 17 – I’m not on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon and I’ll take the Seahawks at home. If only the Packers could have grabbed a veteran, distinguished, reliable QB in the off-season.

PHI 27 SF 14 – Despite the Eagles losing Westbrook to injury AGAIN, I can’t pick J.T. O’Sullivan to beat McNabb. There has to be some balance in the universe.

NE 24 SD 19 – Matt Cassel has been given the starting QB job this year after New England’s starter Tom Brady went down with a knee injury. Now how crazy would it be if the Pats back-up QB took the team all the way to the Super Bowl, won, and secured his job as starting QB for next season. Then, he leads the Patriots to 2 more Super Bowl wins over the next 3 seasons. That would definitely have to be a first.

NYG 37 CLE 20 – Every time Roger Goodell realizes that the Browns were given like 5 nationally televised games this season, he openly weeps, and everyone understands. G-Men win big.

Thanks for reading.

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