Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Tom Brady Should Have Seen It Coming

If you are even a casual sports fan, then you are most certainly aware of the devastating injury suffered by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The reigning NFL MVP went down in Week 1 after a low blow to his leg left him with a shredded left knee. His torn ACL and MCL forced season-ending surgery upon him, a loss that has had a deep impact on both the Patriots and the NFL in general (not to mention all the Tom Brady fantasy-owners). After the N.Y. Giants pulled off their impossible Super Bowl upset last season, the Pats were left with an 18-1 record and future years of psychiatric counseling. Now, before the first quarter of their new season even ended, they are left with even more uncertainty and disappointment. Once Brady’s knee, and subsequently, the Patriots season were shot to hell, the chances of New England avenging their Super Bowl failure became very bleak, very fast. However, Brady and NFL fans alike should have seen it coming.

Brady is one of the most recognizable stars in the NFL, for a couple of reasons. He is arguably the league’s best quarterback. He has led the Pats to three Super Bowl victories in less than a decade, and set a single-season NFL record last year with 50 touchdown passes. But off the field, he’s a star too. Why? Well despite being a great quarterback, he is very popular among the ladies. Ask any female age 16-50 why they know who Tom Brady is, and they might stop drooling just long enough to tell you. Brady is considered a heart-throb, a pretty boy jocks that every other guy in the world hates. He has a chin dimple and one of those “oops I forgot to shave and now I look like a male model” beards. Instead of shooting commercials for Nike or Gatorade, he has photo shoots for GQ and Diesel for Men. And to top it all off, he is dating the world’s richest super model. He’s good looking and extremely talented - which is exactly why he got hurt.

Now I would never wish an injury on anyone, especially one like Tom Brady suffered. But the world has a way of evening itself out, and Brady’s situation only adds evidence to this notion. The Pats quarterback had it all: fame, fortune, success, and popularity. He should have realized that no one can be that lucky and have it last. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are good looking, talented, and rich, you are destined to have the world smack you square in the face. Brady is a product of karma, and the inevitable process of the universe creating a level playing-field. One person can’t have it all. The injury is a terrible setback, but it also allows Brady to see that there are other powers at work, and that you cannot always control your own destiny. Mother Nature is fair and just.

There are plenty of people that do not fall into the Tom Brady trap, meaning they do not have the best of both worlds. Look at Jack Black, for example. He is a very funny guy and an extremely talented actor, but not particularly easy on the eyes. Hayden Christiansen fits the mold, as well. The young Hollywood stud is a great looking young kid, but has been a complete bomb as a lead actor. His most recent movies (Awake, Jumper) were box office duds, and his role as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episodes II and III was widely criticized. The same is seen in sports. Andy Roddick may be considered a “hottie” by the female population, but he can’t win a big tennis match to save his life. If a major championship match was on the line, I would put money on my grandmother to sweep Roddick, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.

Do you remember Jesse Palmer? The former “Bachelor star” and backup-QB may have had his choice of ladies, but completing passes and throwing touchdowns was a mountain he could not seem to climb. Peyton Manning can attest to the law of nature as well. He’s an MVP, Super Bowl winner, future Hall of Famer, and QB extraordinaire. He has endorsements with Gatorade, Sony, Oreo Cookie, Sprint, Master Card, and many more. However, you probably will not see him as an Abercrombie & Fitch model any time soon. All of these guys are safe, because they weren’t handed everything they could want on a silver platter. It doesn’t always pay to have it all. (Note: this law of nature only applies to men, not women. I don’t make the rules, I just explain them.)

Tom Brady’s unfortunate injury should also be a “heads-up” to any other celebs out there that seem to have the universe at their disposal. Their wake-up call could be just around the corner. John Mayer is one of them. He has won multiple Grammy Awards, has numerous multi-platinum albums, and has dated the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, and Jennifer Anniston. My advice to John is to be very, very careful of what may be coming. Reggie Bush should be on watch, as well. The former Heisman Trophy winner and USC stand-out is a rising star in the NFL. His contracts with Adidas and Subway and relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian only set him up for a strong reality check.

Finally, I would be remiss to leave the crowned king of this category off the list: Brad Pitt. The movie star has been idolized by women across the world for years. He dumped Jennifer Anniston, and got Angelina Jolie in return. He makes more money than he knows what to do with, and is one of the most sought after actors in all of Hollywood. If anyone should watch their back, it’s Brad Pitt.

(Another note: If you’re wondering why David Beckham isn’t on the list, it’s because he has to play professional soccer in the U.S., and that’s punishment enough.)

While Tom Brady’s injury was a terrible event for him, his team, his fans, and the NFL, it was simply proof that there are other authorities at work out their in the universe, setting the world straight and keeping everyone as humble as possible. Next year, Tom Brady will come back just as strong, just as talented, and just as bombarded by screaming women as he has been for years. But you can rest assured that when the going gets good, Brady will be looking over his shoulder and acting on his best behavior. He now knows what the universe can do.

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Mitchell Kinnen said...

Intresting. I'm a Patriots fan, but I still see the validity of your argument. Still, it's pretty depresing to think that if you make it to the top of you game, your bound to take a big hit. How about a contrary example? Google Lara Logan.

SJW said...

I assume Carson Palmer's association with the Bengals leaves him off the hook.

Woozie said...

Instant Karma knocked him right in the knee.

tacarson6 said...

I don't think I've ever heard someone argue for karma so strongly It really flirts on the line of jealousy to me. To say that successful people should be watching their backs for some unforeseen tragedy is just a little crazy to me. I don't think Brady should have seen it coming, but I'm sure he, like any other athlete, is well aware of the risks behind his job. It's not like he's sitting on his couch cursing the fates for his bad fortune.